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  • granite sink
  • 1 chamber
  • Surface resistant to impact, high temperature and sudden temperature changes
  • Surface with superior UV properties against color loss
  • Surface that prevents bacteria formation and is easy to clean
  • Recessed mounting option
  • Reversible dropper
  • Made of 80% natural quartz
  • 3½" self-operated, overflow siphon
  • 200 mm chamber depth

One Bowl Sink

  • The most popular kitchen sink countertop  It is a sink model. your sink  A hole is drilled on the workbench where it will be placed and placed from above. The entire weight of the sink is on the counter. Then silicone is drawn between the sink and the counter. The plus of such sinks is that no special skills are required for installation. However, we recommend getting help from a professional. 

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